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Kitchen Elegance

LEICHT boasts the CLASSIC-FS XYLO range as having a 'gnarled, aged wood character'. This modern kitchen certainly has character, and defines the space in which it exists by allowing for exhibiting shelving units and a 'floating' floor unit.

The ceramic worktop in grey pulls together the earthy tones of this kitchen range. Customisable utensil drawers and designated drawers for cookware means that this kitchen is both stylish and functional.

Technical Data

Range 1 CLASSIC-FS | F 130 Mohair
Range 2 XYLO | H 376 Antique Oak Slate
Handle 565 Metal Bow Handle
Worktop 007 Ceramic
Interior Fitments Q-BOX
Electrical Appliances V-ZUG
Tap VOLA, KV4 40
Sink IDRO 500-400


Elegance and Modernity

All LEICHT kitchens are supremely elegant, however this particular range makes the kitchen unit unique, understated, and remarkable. The ability to showcase selected decorative and functional items is an elaborate statement making feature.