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LEICHT Modern Kitchens

Every kitchen has its own personality. It reflects individual requirements and needs of the owner. It is a living expression of the life and culture of the individual. It is the centre of attraction and a sanctuary alike, a retreat and a calming antidote for every day stress.

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LEICHT Traditional Kitchens

The Traditional Kitchen ranges feature kitchen styles such as the ornate VERSAILLE DE LUXE and the Shaker Style DOMUS COLOR. Each Leicht Traditional Kitchen is designed with Modern ideals in mind - clever storage and accessibility. Traditional open shelving is featured regularly in the Traditional Kitchen designs. 

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Callerton kitchens embody the cutting edge in aesthetics and practicality. Whether your ultimate dream kitchen is contemporary, traditional or somewhere in-between, Callerton’s range of design concepts bring a breadth of opportunity.

A broad range of Doors, Features, Finishes, Materials, Cabinets, Accessories, and Signature Pieces combine to form Concepts that offer a starting point from which you can create your own personal style.

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