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Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

At Lakeland Kitchens, we are proud to primarily work with two cutting-edge brands to supply your new LEICHT kitchen with the latest cooking appliances; Miele and Siemens. Each offers an impressive range of luxury kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, fridges, ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, hobs and more. All of the models that we install utilise modern technologies to make cooking and storing food simple and efficient.

Lakeland Kitchens can help you pick out the best kitchen appliances to suit your cooking needs, existing space and colour scheme. Warming drawers are perfect for those who love hosting dinner guests and water dispensing fridges are great for family kitchens. For those with smaller kitchen areas, integrated appliances help to maximise space and embody a contemporary kitchen feel. Traditional kitchens suit freestanding appliances such as fridge freezers or ovens, brought to life with bespoke housing cabinets designed by us.

Find out more about what each of our high-end kitchen appliance brands have to offer below or fill out a form to enquire about any specific Miele or Siemens products.


NEFF has a long, proud heritage but they never rested on their laurels. From the very beginning, NEFF has tweaked, innovated and perfected. Just like your favourite recipe, they believe there's always room for improvement.

NEFF have a range of appliances to complement your kitchen design and lifestyle, whilst allowing you to get experimental with your cooking or serve up a fabulous dish for your family and friends to enjoy.

The best materials available are used to ensure our products perform to the highest standards – and look great too. We source our suppliers carefully and take our environmental responsibility seriously. At NEFF, quality is never compromised. Our commitment to innovation in design and engineering is recognised by both the international iF and the Red Dot design awards, and our top of the range single oven with the Slide&Hide® door was awarded the iF award in 2009.

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Siemens home appliance provide a seamless blend of technology, design and innovation for the modern kitchen. Siemens is the brand we focus on and this is based on their level of technical innovation and quality.

Siemens appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. Their innovative technologies and convenient functions take work off your hands, and inspire you to create delicious dishes. They also set new standards with their captivating design and high-end materials.

Siemens appliances utilise greener solutions saving water and energy providing you with many benefits. Combined with the sleek, modern designs, Siemens appliances offer a unique blend of style and efficiency.

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For Miele, every ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It’s a challenge to create something even better. That’s why they craft their own parts, forge their own iron. Even make the machines that make the machines. Because striving for perfection is in their DNA. Since the beginning, the Miele motto has been "Immer Besser" or "Forever Better" and this philosophy is still reflected in the legendary quality and longevity of the products. Longevity is the ultimate sustainability!

Where others are satisfied after a few rounds of testing, Miele go further for longer. Some car engines need 3000 hours of testing – Miele check their performance with up to 10000*. In fact, 30% of their development time goes into testing. Ensuring ultimate results – year after year

Miele is committed to creating innovative, reliable, high quality products for your kitchen and home, whilst providing excellent customer service.

Miele has been awarded the coveted Which Home Appliance Brand of the Year for the third year running. Miele’s products consistently win Which Best Buy Awards.

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BORA stands for the highest quality standards for its products and services. Only high-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass are used. 

Physics can be so ingenious:

Instead of letting cooking vapours and odours rise in the first place, BORA cooktop extractors draw them away where they are created, directly extracting them from the pot, roaster, pan or grill on the cooktop. And they do this not by magic but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. For this BORA simply uses a cross flow which is greater than the speed at which the cooking vapours rise.

Design Freedom:

Setting the standard for modern kitchen design BORA opens up a new range of kitchen design options: cook by the window and under eaves or on kitchen islands with no annoying hoods. BORA stands for modern kitchen design.

 Quiet Operation:

Significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods
Conventional extractor hoods blast out around 70 decibels (A) directly at head height. BORA, on the other hand, is quieter than a sizzling steak, even when set to the highest level.

Fresh Air:

Cooking in comfort
BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This prevents cooking vapours from rising up. Grease particles are trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.

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Fill in your details below and confirm which appliances you are interested in hearing more about. Fill in your details below and confirm which appliances you are interested in hearing more about.