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The TOCCO | CONCRETE-A modern kitchen range uses Lacquered Concrete for the floor units, and a stainless steel worktop.

The bold statement that this range makes is designed to adhere to ever strong modern design principles, be durable, and to stay current over time.

This range is anything but classic. The Lacquered Concrete units, Solid Wood Breakfast Bar, and the characteristic stainless steel worktop is only matched in kitchen design by the storage solutions which inhabit this bold, trend making, modern kitchen.

Technical Specifications

Range 2 TOPOS | H 312 walnut
Handle 640.405 Metal bow handle
Worktop 005 Glass
Interior fitments Q-Box

Featured in our London kitchen project, Watson, this range is adaptable to the small space of the apartment, but can go bigger and bolder in any kitchen.

Storage and Style

LEICHT implements the most modern of storage solutions. Levelled drawers, a cookware centre and customisable utensil drawers are just come of the space saving, storage innovations that the brand offers.

The Cookware Centre brings accessibility to the normally troubled cookware storage system, by making utilising a tall kitchen unit and separating items such as lids and sauce pans into designated areas.

Bold Wood Breakfast Bar

An integrated bold wood breakfast bar elongates the kitchen experience and facilitates the sociability of the kitchen.

Niche Shelving

The need for modern shelving can be found with LEICHT, which gives open, niche shelving both illumination and visual prominence in a room.

The niche shelving of the TOCCO | CONCRETE-A range pulls together the otherwise isolated elements of the kitchen, and gives the home owner space to showcase items at their wish.