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Fair Oaks

A Testament to Elegance and Modern Functionality. If this design stirs up kitchen envy, let’s talk. We're here to transform your space into a sanctuary of style and substance. Reach out, and let’s start the conversation about your kitchen’s future.

Feast your eyes on our latest adventure, the Fair Oaks project. It's not just any kitchen; it's where impeccable taste meets top-notch functionality. Let me walk you through this masterpiece.

A Touch of Class with Leicht

We've crafted a kitchen that's a cut above the rest. The bronze handle rail from Leicht isn't just a detail; it's the statement piece that subtly screams 'luxury'. It's the kind of kitchen that doesn’t just say hello, it gives you a warm, embracing hug.

Dekton Worktops: The Surface of Champions

These worktops are the unsung heroes – they take a beating and still look chic. Spill wine? No problem. Hot pans? Bring it on. Dekton takes it all in stride.

Neff Appliances: Your Culinary Wingman

Every chef's dream, Neff Appliances are the silent heroes waiting to make every meal a masterpiece. They’re the reliable sidekick in your culinary escapades – sleek, powerful, and oh so smart.

The Quooker Tap: A Dash of Hot Genius

Ready for a cuppa at the drop of a hat? The Quooker boiling tap has got you covered. And it’s not just any tap; its matte black finish is like that perfect black dress – simply irresistible.

Light Up Your World with Leicht

Who knew lighting could be this fun? With Leicht’s handle rail lighting, flip through ambiences like pages in a book – all with a nifty remote control. Dinner for two or a gala? We've got the mood lighting covered.

The Island in Boreal Green: Daringly Different

Here’s where we let our hair down a bit. The island in Boreal Green against the CERES Platinum backdrop? It’s the twist that makes the kitchen pop, the ‘wow’ in the ‘wow factor’.

Glass Splashbacks: The Clear Choice

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our glass splashbacks step in – sleek, shiny, and the guardians against cooking splatters.

Can you picture yourself in this kitchen yet?
We bet you can.