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A lively German Kitchen Design

Curcuma, inspired by the colour of spices, is a bright and warming colour against the white of the TOCCO | TOCCO-C | CLASSIC-FS range. A glass worktop matches the colours and offers a smoothness to the bold design.


Open shelving is used instead of cupboards, which radiates openness and accessibility. The addition of shutters in this range will give the shelves a flush front when pulled down.

Technical Specifications

Range 1 CLASSIC-FS | F 999 RAL
Range 2 TOCCO | K 100 arctic
Handle 585 Metal bow handle
Worktop 005 Glass
Interior Fitments Buche
Electrical Appliances Siemens, Liebherr


Storage as a Feature

Exceptional storage design, such as drawers designed to house both crockery and cookware on two different levels, and open, illuminated shelving for both design features and accessibility to items, is part of the beauty of the LEICHT modern kitchen design.

Spice Inspired

Drawing on colour inspirations from spices, the TOCCO | TOCCO-C | CLASSIC-FS range uses modern kitchen design ideals as it meets classic design with contemporary kitchen desires. Pulling aesthetic from the Orient, this range has a German Engineering capability with a warm design power.