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Natural Tranquility

The ORLANDO-K | LUNA-K unifies established, classic colours and defined lines with material combinations to accent the room in which they are situated. The high gloss acrylic of the fronts in Magnolia White, and the Matt Mountain-Larch wood veneer create a natural tranquility.


Technical Data

Range 1 LUNA K
Handle Handleless & 536 Metal Bow Handle
Worktop Laminate

Tall handleless wall units are often applied in our clients kitchen designs to lengthen the room. A long boxed island can infuse the space with fluidity.

Bold Storage

The Leicht Modern Kitchen is about being bold and defined with storage and decor. Open, niche shelving and illuminated cabinetry combine dutiful storage and choice to display your hand-picked items of beauty and function. Innovative storage can be found in drawers such as the bin-cleaning cupboard hybrid.