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THE CARRÉ-FS kitchen is a bespoke kitchen using silk-matt laqured  cabinets and fronts to give a radiant feel. This beauty is achieved through kitchen colour combinations such as white with a light grey, which captivates through a tranquility and elegance only achievable by the leading German kitchen brand, LEICHT. The kitchen is available in all RAL standard colours.

This kitchen would not be out of place in a double fronted Balham town house, nor a Sevenoaks country manor. Or, a modern development somewhere in between.

Eclectic Ability

This range neatly dresses the room, but allows for the ecclectic taste of the homeowner.  This range is ideal if having the option to show off your style and your creative but homely personality is key.


Storage is always key to Leicht, however the CARRE-FS relaxes on the too often seen modern kitchen feature of tucking everything away. 

Your Leicht Kitchens Design Centre designer will ensure that your allowance of items on show is delicately met, so you can proudly showcase they beauty your kitchen reflects on you.