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Red can transform a kitchen

Reds traditionally exude vibrancy, individuality and character, all of which sit perfectly at the heart of the home. Red can transform a kitchen, either establishing a bold statement room or creating a stylish blend of modern and traditional, using red accents to energise a muted or minimalistic style kitchen.

Red kitchen cabinets

Rich lacquered red cabinets exhibit liveliness and welcome, and when paired with high gloss white worktops makes the ultimate retro and smart kitchen. Additionally, high gloss red with wooden worktops creates a slick fusion of classical and modern, and the warm inviting colours make it the perfect space for entertaining or feeding the family.

Subtler shades of red

Alternatively, subtler shades of red, or deep accents of plum, aubergine and orangey-red can add a dash of colour to an otherwise contemporary or minimalist kitchen, giving it a touch of character and charm. A red glass splashback or red kitchen accessories can help bring a grey or white kitchen to life.

We can craft bespoke, traditional or modern LEICHT red kitchen designs using your favourite shades of red. See some of our red kitchen designs.