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The aspects of timelessness and individuality are elementary for planning

The entire interior exudes cosiness and harmony and thus has the appeal of the traditional breakfast kitchen. As an expression of personal style, colour plays an outstanding role which, in the case of Verve, extends beyond the fronts to encompass the worktop with which it forms a harmonious entity. “LEICHT has also opted for the high-grade nuances from Le Corbusier because on the one hand they are timeless and universally valid, and on the other represent a ‘demonstration of individuality’ – to use the words of the architect. Both aspects are of elementary importance for planning,” says Stefan Waldenmaier of the new developments. The colour chosen by LEICHT for the frame programme Verve, “ombre naturelle moyenne”, was described by Le Corbusier as a “shadow colour” and is thus the perfect choice for giving the kitchen a light and subdued look. “In umbra tones, surfaces and objects withdraw into the shadow and thus no longer attract attention. Their presence is decimated: the focus is drawn away to other points,” explained the architect. As an addition to the total of 15 colours from the spectrum of Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier, all RAL and NCS colours are available in matt or high-gloss lacquer.

Love of detail inside

The organisation of the interior can also be coordinated to suit individual preferences – a LEICHT kitchen stands for a love of detail, convenience and ergonomics at the highest level. This means that all utensils are easy to access in the convenient pullouts and are just as easy to put away again. So as not to detract from the overall impression of homeliness and elegance, the appliances are positioned at a perfect height out of the direct field of vision.

New frame programme - with a modern interpretation

Thanks to the high-quality and elegant colour scheme – including the warm “ombre naturelle moyenne” from the colour spectrum Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier offered exclusively by LEICHT – there is a harmonious transition to the shelving and wall panel with an integrated bench seat both made from a dark, finely structured genuine wood. The harmonious integration of technical components is also characteristic: the encased extractor thus becomes an aesthetic sculpture. “At LEICHT we enable comprehensive kitchen planning from ceiling to floor, integrating an individual interior and furnishing the kitchen in a very homely way,” explains Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO and Chairman of the Board at LEICHT.