4 of the Finest Finishing Touches for Your Kitchen

Ever admired a person’s outfit and not been quite sure how they’ve made ordinary pieces look incredible? Focus on the details. That simple outfit looks great due to the finishing touches. That plain grey coat is made of cashmere. The buttons on their shirt were custom chosen. Their jewellery has been as carefully chosen as their polished shoes.

This principle applies to every aspect of life, including interior design.

Hiding the Unseemly


An expensive winter coat can hide a multitude of sins. In the same way, clever styling can hide all the undesirable elements of the kitchen. One of the latest trends is to hide all that clutter.

This applies to the obvious - such as waste and recycling bins. Tucking them into smooth, polished cabinets keeps the rubbish out of sight and out of mind. You can also neatly conceal food. One popular trend is for roll out pantries. Rather than an open cupboard stocked with tins and packets, select clever storage solutions.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is a key feature that is often under-considered. Both recessed lighting and pendant lighting are popular at the moment.

Recessed lighting marries well with the minimalist, hyper concealed look. If you go with pendant lighting, think about your look. Colour co-ordinating with the rest of the kitchen - possibly with a contrasting inner shade - is a subtle look.

A gloss version of the same colour is a smart way to co-ordinate without matching. Alternatively, pick a metallic hue (copper is very popular).

A Statement Kitchen Island

The best kitchen islands are multi-functional, offering storage, a place to eat and a way to divide up your kitchen. It provides a place to eat breakfast, store the plates and as a great focal point for entertaining. An alternative is to set up your island as a coffee station; complete with coffee machine, laptop, charging points and flowers.

Others use their kitchen island as a food preparation area, with refrigerated drawers, marble chopping boards and rabbit ear faucet sinks. A hidden rubbish bin or covered chute completes a super convenient setup.


Tiling is one of those details that seem like an afterthought. White hexagons, right? Or maybe black if you’re feeling racy. Turns out there are as many tiling options as there are colour schemes. And they can be used in multiple contexts. There’s the usual; walls, floors, that exciting new backsplash. Plus why not tile your new kitchen island?

There are also a range of things to think about; texture, material, pattern. You could have glorious smooth polished stone whose only adornment is it’s natural beauty. Or an intricately carved tile glazed in a stunning Mayan blue. Placement is another way of decorating your kitchen; some have included tiled ‘rugs’. For example, a square or rectangular tiled area showcasing a kitchen island or table.

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