Leicht in the Kitchen

Modern, sleek, functional. These are the principles of modern design and the standard for a perfect kitchen. The best kitchens balance these in an open plan, which is minimalist and has the necessary components to meet all the needs of a kitchen. Leicht creates bespoke spaces, designed to match your needs and style exactly. They do so using a number of versatile and luxurious materials which help build the premier kitchen aesthetic.   

So, how can Leicht help to create a premier kitchen in your home?


A classic element of Brutalist architecture; concrete has begun to transition from the outdoor structure to an indoor design aesthetic. It has been reclaimed, now no longer just a building block in countless government and institutional buildings across the country. Instead, it is now used in your home; primarily in the kitchen as an amazing material to use for countertops. The unique material makes them a timeless commodity to any home. It will stand out, enabling you to have a statement piece that is at the same time as understated as it is attractive. That is the quality that Leicht brings to all of their products.


For a more versatile surface, you may want to choose the laminate option. This style comes in lots of styles, colours and opens up a world of options for your style choices as a result. It’s a classic of modern kitchen design, being used in kitchens as the modern use of lasers creates a seamless look. The lack of overlapping fronts means a better design which you can appreciate – whether you choose a natural wooden look, matt or high gloss. It is the pillar of modern kitchen design, but it is made of a high quality which will bring your kitchen to life.


A more modern kitchen surface material is that of glass. The countertops are made of genuine 4mm glass, which is specially coated to give it a gloss or matte finish. It is entirely safe and will not smash under pressure. The design is customisable as you can coat the colour of your choice underneath, so despite the clear nature of glass, you can still incorporate some personality into it. This glass is a special feature of Leicht kitchens and features in the glass-faced cupboards available for an all-encompassing look.


Of course, no look is more classic than that of wood. It is a natural aesthetic, bringing a piece of the indoors inside in an entirely Leicht way. Elegant, it can be made deliberately natural or you can have a veneer finish for a perfect look. Whether you choose oak or walnut, there are a number of different stains you can apply to create the right aesthetic for your kitchen. The wear and durability of these Leicht surfaces are also unquestionable. For a long lasting, rustic, feeling kitchen this cannot be beaten.

If you’d like some help in choosing or designing the perfect style for your kitchen, feel free to get in touch with us here at Lakeland Kitchens. Our design experts will be more than happy to help you create your dream home in no time at all!