How to Link the Design of Your Home

When decorating your home, it can be difficult to make a connection. The idea you have for your living room may be the complete opposite to the kitchen. Or your colour scheme may take from every facet of the rainbow but never has a consistent flow through your home. Of course, the same room repeated over again can get a little boring and diversity is pleasing to the eye.

But, how do you coordinate in an attractive fashion that will make your home sparkle?


One of the easiest ways to create a link throughout your home is by utilising a theme. It can be as abstract a theme as you can think of, or it can be tightly planned and more obvious than the moon in the sky. It might be that you choose a minimalist theme; the whole home is dedicated to only having as much as you require. Or you may even decide every room will be a representation of different countries from around the world.

Rainbow Room.jpg

The possibilities of themes are endless – you just have to choose the right one for you!

Link Through Art

If you are set on a different style for every room, then one way to link these rooms is through the accessories you adorn them with. More specifically, the art you line the walls with. Matching pieces, the same artist or a similar theme might be how you achieve this.

This is probably the most sophisticated and abstract way that you will be able to connect your home.

Use a Set of Colours

Although you may not use the same colour in every room, it is possible to use a selection of colours. Choose one of four, for example, and then accent the room in the other three colours. Rinse and repeat choosing a different one of the four for each room. This way you may be able to create a coherent story, but in such a subtle way that people may never realise and simply enjoy the aesthetic for the smooth transition that it is.

Colour Scheme.jpg

Colour schemes are popular for a reason; this is just a method of extending it over the whole breadth of your home.

Connect Through Wood

A final way to link the rooms of your home is through the binding aesthetic of wood. The same tone of wood throughout your home can be a very pleasing look, it can also add a touch of rustic without having it overtake the entire theme of your home. The matching tone of wood can be powerful, warming and most of all is very stylish.

If you’d like some help in choosing or designing the perfect style for your home, feel free to get in touch with us here at Lakeland Kitchens. Our design experts will be more than happy to help you create your dream home in no time at all!