Top Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

As the hub of the home, a kitchen has to accommodate a plethora of items, from pots and pans, to crockery, utensils and gadgets. If space is tight in your kitchen, finding a home for all your possessions can prove challenging, but with a little clever insight, it's very possible.

Make Use of Walls
For small kitchens, walls are your saviours when it comes to utilising free space. Put up wall shelving to store essential items, and if pots and pans are creating clutter, hang them up on the wall on stylish steel racks. A shelf placed on a bare backsplash also removes cooking items that would normally take up worktop space.

Unused Spaces
Inspect your kitchen for any redundant spaces that could be put to good use. Corner spaces could be transformed into a handy cabinet, for instance, whilst gaps in-between drawers would make convenient, slimline cabinets for storing utentils, hanging tea towels or housing pots of herbs and spices.

Inside Cupboard Doors
The inside of a cupboard door serves no purpose at all, yet this wasted space could be used to great effect as a storage area for hanging items, such as cooking utensils. 

Add an Island
Even if you don't have much worktop space, if you have enough space in the middle of your kitchen floor, consider adding a small island, or even a table. This gives you extra space for working on, and if you choose an item that has shelving underneath or incorporated into the side, this is a great space-busting way to reduce kitchen clutter.

Multi-Purpose Gadgets
Often gadgets can take the blame for gobbling up space in the kitchen, so be thrifty on the number of gadgets you own. Invest in gadgets that serve multiple purposes, rather than buying individual ones, such as a blender that chops, blends, pulses and purees. Ditch your space-hugging kettle and invest in an eco-friendly, space-saving hot water tap.

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