5 Luxury Kitchens to Inspire You

A luxury kitchen remodel is an exciting but significant investment. Below we have five gorgeous kitchen ideas to help inspire you in your search for the perfect colours, fixtures and fittings. 

1) Modern Chic

This chic, contemporary kitchen combines crisp smooth lines, softened by traditional wood. The pendant light and glassware evoke a retro sensibility. It marries nicely with the smooth matte charcoal flooring. The colour scheme, of white, charcoal, light grey and petrol blue, is a cool, minimalist palette. Note the delicate white flowers (which match the cabinets), nestled within a clear, textured blown glass vase.

2) Light and Airy


This is a light and airy kitchen in Kemble oak. The grooved centre panel and angled frame design. The natural wood is paired with soft cream and sprigs of greenery. The woven seats of the cream chairs marries with natural baskets for a cosy, homey look. The only metal fixtures are the taps and the oven, backed with a neutral yet beautiful tiled area.

3) Golden Opulence


This kitchen was labelled the 'Versailles' look. Featuring opulent scrollwork, rich chandeliers, golden cream fixtures and a polished wooden floor. This kitchen is the height of ostentatious luxury, and a real showstopper. There are three glass fronted cabinets to showcase your best pieces. Apart from that, the necessaries of utensils, ingredients and appliances are hidden in the generous latticed and opaque cabinets.

4) Luxury Lodge


An Arundel style kitchen featuring fresh hewn Pippy oak. This design is as cosy and authentic as the best hunting lodges. The sink, cabinets and furniture are simple yet attractive. They are chosen carefully not to detract from the stunning golden brown of the natural wood. The floor to ceiling windows keep the kitchen fresh and light, enhanced by the painted cream walls. The historic style light fittings are the perfect finishing touch. 

5) New York Style

A Burbidge kitchen in Opus Porcelain gloss, it pairs stark, sharp lines with sweeping curves. This slick, black and white kitchen is reminiscent of a New York loft, even down to the exposed brick wall. Long pendant lights cement the urban penthouse style. A contrasting black oven and accessories complete the look.

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