What Your Kitchen Colour Scheme Says About You

A kitchen is a haven in the heart of your home. It is warm, inviting and a hub of socialisation on a year-round basis. So, having a colour scheme that speaks to all of these qualities is of vital importance to give the right impression. You may have learnt how to colour your kitchen already, but have you thought about what that colour says about you and your home?

Of course, there a lot of things that a bespoke kitchen in Kendal will say about you. But, the message you speak with the colour of your kitchen can be as diverse as any spoken language.


Country kitchen iStock_000076519037_Small.jpg

A bright, light, colour scheme can be the perfect choice to highlight your cheery outlook on life. The brighter a room, the more time you will want to spend in there and the cheerier it will be. This is especially important during the winter months when it can be darker and people’s moods can be affected by the weather. This lighter tone in your kitchen gives a bright focal point, somewhere to escape to when the winter seems to be never ending.

The lighter the home, the more fun and friendly you come across overall!


Like a red wine, a rich colour can suggest a deep body and sense of self that reveals a sophisticated atmosphere within. It is the sign of a sophisticated home and one that people appreciate the aesthetic of. If this look is matched with deep flavour and wholesome foods, it can be the perfect way to put your stamp down as a premier cook and a source of richness that goes beyond the four walls of your kitchen.


You want your guests to feel welcome, not like they are stepping into a torture chamber. To this end, you want a more easy-going colour scheme that will embrace them as they walk through the door. Pastel colours are perfect for this, as they are a mix of warmth and lightness that blend together to create a welcome blanket effect on all that enter.

If you’d like some help in choosing or designing the perfect style for your kitchen, feel free to get in touch with us here at Lakeland Kitchens. Our design experts will be more than happy to help you create your dream home in no time at all!