LEICHT and You: How We Can Help Transform Your Home

Redesigning your kitchen is a huge task; you’ll be putting a lot of time, money and effort into planning how your new interior will look, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re working with the best in the business.

Here at Lakeland Kitchens, we are extremely fortunate to be associated with LEICHT, one of the most well known brands within the kitchen design industry who are famous for their innovative design and high quality products. Our association with such a giant in kitchen design allows us to give you an unrivalled service, but how does this benefit you and your new kitchen interior?

Access to the Most Innovative Kitchen Styles

If you’ve been researching kitchen interior trends at all, you’ll probably already have noticed how fast they can change; what’s hot and what’s not can drastically switch around in the blink of an eye.

Due to the nature of their company, LEICHT always have their fingers firmly on the kitchen trend trigger, often creating their own innovative trends at the drop of a hat that interior designers and homeowners go crazy for.

The fact that we can work so closely with such an inventive company means that we’ll always be able to create those popular, on-trend looks in your kitchen that you will find attractive for years to come.

You Are Given Total Freedom

Not everyone wants the same kitchen in their home; in fact, the more unique the better!

LEICHT understand the needs of their customer base, and have found that giving some freedom to those who know exactly what they want is better for everyone in the long run. They are huge fans of letting creativity and innovation flow into interior design, and have created a wide variety of products which allow almost any style you may have in mind to be created.

Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated, elegant kitchen space, or a cosy, more traditional looking area, LEICHT have all the products that you could possibly need, in a wide range of colours and shades to suit everyone’s taste.

Even the texture choices that are available can help you create an utterly unique kitchen interior!

You Are Guaranteed Quality

Creating a new interior is a huge investment into your home, so it’s important that you can trust that the work and features that are being installed are of the highest possible quality.

Coupled with our experienced installation team, the LEICHT range contains some of the most reliable, long lasting products available – something that all homeowners should be looking to invest their money into.

The brand has been in the industry long enough (around 88 years!) to understand what customers value most, and that’s product quality!

Lakeland Kitchens and LEICHT are here to help you create the perfect home interior, so feel free to get in touch with us today to take advantage of the benefits that come with our association with such a prolific company!