Expert Tips For Contemporary Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing your perfect home, the kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms. Often described as the “hub” of family interaction, it’s absolutely the room in which most people spend a lot of time.

A lot of people are now choosing to transform their kitchen into something modern and contemporary.

The idea behind a contemporary kitchen is to design something that is clean, fresh, sleek and minimalist.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be boring though; it can still look both chic and stylish.

There are no set rules for turning your kitchen into something that is considered “contemporary.” However, there are plenty of ideas that you can draw inspiration from.


When designing your kitchen, the first thing that you need to consider is what to do about the cabinets. If it’s a new kitchen, you will have to decide what style you’re looking for. If you already have an existing kitchen, you will have to decide whether you’re keeping the current cabinets, refacing them or completely replacing them.

A contemporary design is one that is often open and uncluttered – everything is clean and crisp. A lot of people are currently opting for stainless steel throughout their kitchen; including cabinets! Not only does it add a high-end look, it’s also durable and easy to clean.


When designing a kitchen that is influenced by contemporary design, you will have to also pay close attention to the lighting. You have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of several different lighting options and combinations.

For example, you could add lights underneath your kitchen counters, creating a unique and modern effect. The idea behind this is what it doesn’t just lighten up dark countertops, it also makes them stand out more.


For a modern and clean feel, we suggest choosing your colour scheme from a very minimalist colour palette. This will give you the sleek appearance that makes the contemporary design so popular. Most people opt for white, but pale hues will do the exact same thing. The idea is to make the room look and feel open, spacious and bright!

When it comes to the colour of your flooring, it will depend on the size of your kitchen. Black tiles are perfect for large kitchens, whilst smaller kitchens are much better having white and textured tiles.


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