Top Tips for a Summer Kitchen

Summer is coming and with it brings a season of great cooking, lively social gatherings and more visitors than any other time of year. All of which can put a lot of stress on your kitchen! 

So, to make your kitchen a much more hospitable environment, capable of hosting a number of events and guests a few small projects can be undertaken before the season gets into full swing.

Grow Your Own Herbs       

Herbal medicine iStock_000032722320_Small.jpg

Home cooking is a great hobby and the smells of fantastic food often make a house feel like a home. To make any kitchen a haven for a home cook a herb garden is a fantastic addition to the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be expansive: basic herbs such as basil, thyme, chives and mint all grow easily and are not difficult to maintain.

Growing from seeds can be time consuming and often not that fruitful; buying seedlings is more convenient and they are much more likely to survive infancy when bought this way. Maintenance is a simple case of watering when needed and pruning them for cooking, or if they look particularly overgrown.

Save Space

A kitchen can be the most cluttered space in your home; there are so many gadgets and whatnots to fill up the space that it is a surprise there is any room for food in some homes. For these overflowing kitchen accessories there are plenty of magnetic wall mounts, shelves and hooks that free up valuable counter space and get these bit and pieces out of the way.

The way you hang your various equipment can also be quite an attractive addition to the decor of your kitchen if arranged well. People are always interested in an array of knives and pans on a wall, and even if they don’t ask they will inevitably think that you’re a master cook.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

In the past we have discussed how to create a kitchen colour scheme, but for a kitchen with a pre-existing scheme a colour update can be a great way to brighten the room and give a fresh feel for the summer months.

Brighter colours not only put you in a better mood, they can make your space look bigger and so are the perfect choice for a smaller kitchen. This can also be achieved with darker flooring, combined with light walls this will make the floor appear to be expanding and an even lighter shade on the ceiling will make it look like a taller room as well. Kitchens can often feel quite cramped, so a lighter shade can make it a much more comfortable room to spend time cooking and socialising in during the many barbecues and gatherings that the warmer summer weather inspires.

Alternatively, if you want to emphasise the cosiness of your room then decorating it in deep colours, such as a rich burgundy, can make it feel smaller and warmer.

Island Living

A great asset of many modern kitchens now is an island. It adds extra storage space, more surfaces on which to cook and can even can be a handy eating spot when at breakfast instead of the more formal dining room.

It can act as a focal point for the kitchen, a great space to place platters of food for parties or even a great spot to sit the kids as you cook and are generally busy. Importantly in the modern home the additional seating that an island provides is a great commodity. It can be made to fit around you and adapted for your particular life and needs, and as such it is a greatly personable addition to any kitchen.

For more information on how to get your kitchen ready for the busy summer months, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01539 725456 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help with any of your enquiries.