How to Create a Traditional Kitchen

With the rise of modern styles, you might think traditional kitchens are not as popular as they used to be. However, this isn’t the case, as the return to a more traditional design is trending right now, and more and more people choose to build or renovate their kitchens using this approach. And it’s easy to see why: with a vast range of beautiful inspiring designs to choose from, creating a traditional kitchen is not only an easy process but it will also make you happy to spend time in there.

So what exactly makes a traditional kitchen?

Design Details

The cosy look is one of the great advantages that traditional kitchens offer, and it’s the reason many people choose to have one. The overall feeling tends to be homey, with beautiful architectural details that make it look layered, not cluttered. Traditional designs focus on the warm features of wood, such as walnut, oak and maple, all of which give a welcoming look to the space.

Compared with modern kitchens, traditional ones typically have adornments and embellishments, including arches and mouldings. These details give a personalised feel to the kitchen and, combined with rich colours like red and blue, are capable of transforming any kitchen into a vintage, rustic space.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to painting the walls as well, as you can go for pastel colours or bolder choices like strong reds and yellows and even patterns – no matter your personal preference, traditional kitchens are extremely versatile in terms of design, so you can have the colours that best suit your overall look. You can even have exposed brick walls for a more ‘countryside’ feel.

Furniture and Worktops

Antique (or antique-looking) furniture is the perfect match for a traditional kitchen. Usually with beautiful raised details and glazed finishes, your cabinets and drawers are one of the main ways you can add a vintage look to your interior design. The worktops should also be carefully chosen, as they should give a luxurious feel that immediately catches the eye. Surfaces without shine seem to be popular for this look, and they can be made from quartz, marble and even wood.



Another characteristic of traditional kitchens are the ornate lights. They can be made from materials like brass and crystal, and tend to look decorative as well as functional – this look is achieved by fixtures that avoid straight lines and are instead rich in details.


If you’re looking to build or refurbish your kitchen into a traditional style, it’s important to consider the little details that make it look so unique, warm and cosy. At Lakeland Kitchens you can get inspired by our vast selection of traditional kitchens and choose the one that suits you best, so feel free to get in touch on 01539 725456 and discuss your project with us. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.