How to Incorporate Utility and Design into Your Kitchen

With the rise of minimalist contemporary kitchens in interior decor, there has been a need to find new and inventive ways to utilise a space, whatever the size. As a result, it has become commonplace to store everything away to avoid a cluttered aesthetic. However, the practical downfall of this is that locating utensils can become a lengthy process if they are hidden beneath other bits and bobs.

Interlinking utility with design, therefore, dissolves the problem. Clever space planning and incorporation of space-saving solutions in cupboards will make your kitchen a lot more user-friendly, while simultaneously creating a gorgeous room.


Incorporating drawers that have different depths into your home will enable you to store away pots and pans, as well as smaller necessities in a more convenient way. By opting for drawers instead of cupboards for larger items, you are able to pick them out, rather than take everything out of your cupboard before being able to get to things stored at the back.

Furthermore, using a touch-open mechanism instead of handles will make cleaning easier and create a chic finish, combining utility with design.   


Incorporating drawers doesn’t mean that you should neglect about cupboards completely. Storing relevant items at head height will make the cooking process a lot quicker! Furthermore, choosing an array of hues and materials to create your cupboards will enable a much-sought after aesthetic.

Especially in traditional kitchens, using different finishes will create a country-feel that a lot of homeowners strive for.


Not everything needs to be hidden away, and storing practical items alongside plants, electronics and other stylish displays will further link the utility and design of your kitchen. Shelves are an ideal place to store large items, such as blenders, for easy accessibility and a truly modern kitchen.


Sometimes it is worthwhile thinking about aesthetics before storage to create the perfect kitchen for you. Creating a hanging area for some of your smaller pans and bigger utensils will enable you to create an industrial finish depending on the style of cookware that you display.

How to Attain Style and Utility

Now that you know about the basics of designing a kitchen that is usable and stylish, you need to consider how you want to achieve it! Here at Lakeland Kitchens, we are experts in crafting and installing the perfect design for your preferences and way of life.

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