3 Tips for a More Organised Kitchen

The kitchen should be one of the most organised rooms in the home already; after all, certain items need to be kept in specific environments, so there’s already a sense of organisation in the room already.

However, many people who come to us for brand new kitchen designs often tell us that they’re looking for a kitchen which helps them stay organised. An orderly kitchen looks sleeker and more elegant, no matter what style you opt for.

So how can you design your kitchen to be more organised? Here are just 3 simple things to think about when coming up with an idea!

Storage is Essential

In order to be successful in your organisation plan, you will need to make sure that everything has its own space within the kitchen area which is neat, tidy and sometimes out of sight.

This is where storage comes in. Storage gives you the ability to have all those items stored away in an attractive, discreet way, leaving your kitchen looking and feeling less cluttered and more open. You can have as much or as little storage as you require, and generally the storage options will complement the rest of your kitchen design seamlessly.

However, before you decide on how much storage you need, it may be worth taking a look at what essentials you will be keeping in your kitchen and what else you may need to store, like groceries for example.

Don’t just think about eye level storage, either; make use of the upper walls which are often forgotten about!

Clear Up Surfaces and Countertops

Do you really need to have your mixing bowl and collection of chefs knives on show at all times within your kitchen? No, we didn’t think so.

Keeping your countertops looking sleek and uncluttered is a sure fire way to making your kitchen look more organised. We’d recommend choosing a work surface which complements and blends in with the rest of your kitchen design to really finish the smooth, tidy theme ; odd or out of place shades or textures can make even the emptiest of rooms look untidy.

Recycling Space

Most people won’t want their bins cluttering up their kitchen space; it doesn’t look tidy and more often than not, the smell can become a littler overpowering at times.

Rather than have to move your bin every time you need to entertain guests or eat in your kitchen area, why not think about installing a dedicated bin cupboards which will house your bins behind a cleverly hidden door within your kitchen set up? You’ll know it’s there, but your guests won’t!  It will look like just another cupboard to them!

Are you looking to create a beautiful kitchen area which is both beautifully designed and functional? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Lakeland Kitchens. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to determine what will work best for your home – no matter what style or function you require!