How Important is Lighting in a Kitchen?

One of the main aspects of kitchen design that many people overlook is the lighting of the room.

Believe it or not, lighting is one of the most important features of any room; in fact, without adequate lighting, an interior can look very different from how it was intended to.

We actively encourage our customers to think long and hard about the lighting options within their new kitchen designs, and we are often seen as a source of knowledge on how lighting will affect the room if used in certain ways.

Here are three reasons why lighting is so important in the kitchen area.

It Can Drastically Change How a Room Looks

Every room in the home should have some kind of atmosphere to it and the kitchen is no different. As the function of the kitchen is constantly evolving and more families are spending time together in there, it’s important to create the right look and feel to your kitchen.

Adding lighting in various different areas of the kitchen will make the area seem more inviting and encourages family members to spend more time in the kitchen area as well as generating a calming ambience in the room – perfect for dining in while giving you enough light to appreciate the food on your plate!

Creates a Focal Point

Instead of a bland, boring light fixture, there are a variety of different decorative lights available for you to choose from, giving your kitchen a subtle focal point which is also functional.

This is especially advisable for kitchens which are designed to be minimalist yet stylish; your guests may not even notice that this attractive feature in your kitchen is a source of light for a specific area during the day when light isn’t required, but will be amazed when it illuminates the room later on in the evening!

Lighting is also a great way to bring attention to a certain area of your kitchen. Why not highlight the beauty of your island by lighting it with attractive lighting to emphasize its features?


Safety in the kitchen is paramount. There are many sharp objects and hazards that need to be seen in order to avoid a serious incident happening.

This is why it is essential to adequately light your kitchen. When preparing food, you will need to make sure that you can see what you are doing clearly, especially when it comes to handling hot food or slicing ingredients with a sharp knife.

Rather than fumbling around and trying to cook in the dark, illuminate your kitchen area and reduce the risk of injury while making your room look brighter and more beautiful!

Redesigning your kitchen isn’t as hard as you may think – you just need to know what to think about and how your ideas will really affect the final outcome.

If you’d like to give your kitchen a brand new look, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today; we’ll be happy to help you come up with a beautiful design and make your dream kitchen a reality.