3 Pastel Colour Trends for Spring

Now that winter is almost behind us and spring is just around the corner, it’s time to leave behind the heavier colours and opt for softer ones. Spring is a time of brightness and warmth, so if you’re planning on refurbishing your kitchen, what better colours to choose than pastels? Not only do they complement any interior design style, they also look great whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a more traditional one.


And, because they’re so soft, they won’t dominate the space. You can still highlight any decorations you prefer in the kitchen without being afraid of the walls detracting from them.


This colour is probably the one that first comes to mind when you imagine spring, as it symbolises peace, reassurance, rest. When it strikes the eye, we’re immediately reminded of edible vegetation and nearby water at a subconscious level, remnants of our evolutionary process. When applied to your kitchen, then, green can make you feel relaxed while you cook, which will certainly show in your food!

By having your walls green, you can even add vases with flowers to your kitchen and be confident that they’ll match well, and even though you won’t feel as if you’re in the jungle, you can feel cosier and happier.


Green might be the colour you immediately think of when spring comes to mind, but pink is not that far behind. Most flowers tend to bloom during spring, so it’s normal to see bright, multi-coloured spots everywhere. And your kitchen doesn’t need to be different. Pink is a sign of tranquillity and nurturing, which goes well with the act of cooking. When you cook for your friends or family you do it with love, so you might want to consider adding or completely covering your walls in pastel pink.



Pastel blue is used to symbolise calmness, trust and intelligence – and if you want to feel soothed, it’s the perfect choice for your kitchen. Blue can also help you concentrate better while you cook, since it’s mentally calming and, because it’s also the colour of a clear sky, it’s a great choice to represent spring. Blue is, therefore, one of the emerging trends for this season, meaning your kitchen will be up to date with the current fashion.

All of these pastel colours will look good no matter the layout, how many people are in the kitchen at the same time, or how you chose to decorate it, and they all embody the spirit of spring. Here at Lakeland Kitchens you can find inspiration and advice from our team of experts, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 01539 725456 to discuss your design needs. To stay informed on our latest news and offers, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.