How To Choose a Kitchen Colour Scheme

If you’re planning on designing a brand new kitchen, you may come across the issue of deciding on a colour scheme for your new room.

It’s ok, we understand. There are so many different colours, shades and finishes to choose from and coming to a definitive answer to “what colour do you want your kitchen to be” can often be quite difficult.

However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. In fact, we’ve put together 3 foolproof steps to help you choose the colour scheme that will suit your new kitchen design perfectly.

First, Choose a Cabinet Colour

Believe it or not, your cabinets will be the most noticeable feature of your kitchen. They take up the most wall space and will usually be the most expensive investment in your kitchen area design wise.

As they are such a prominent feature, this is probably the best place to start when it comes to choosing a kitchen colour scheme. We’d recommend choosing a colour that you won’t get bored of easily; something natural and easy on the eye that doesn’t detract too much from the rest of the room.

The colour will set the tone and feeling in the room, so make sure you’re going for something that will really set the mood you’re trying to achieve in your kitchen.

Next Up, Counter Tops

Counter tops play a huge part in how sophisticated your kitchen looks, and as you will be working on them a lot when it comes to preparing your food, you’ll want it to look good, too!

Much like your cabinets, your counter tops generally draw the eye of visitors to your kitchen area, so you want something that will tie in nicely with the colour of your cabinet colour, as well as be a successful visual focal point on its own.

We love sleek, matched counter tops which continue the colour theme of the cabinets, but also often recommend natural stone worktops such as marble, granite or quartz to give an attractive, natural feel to the room when desired.

Make sure you take a swatch of your cabinet colour along with you to see if the counter top you like matches with your cabinets – not all colours and materials will match up evenly!

Flooring Colours, Coming Up!

This is where you can become a little apprehensive – after all, your flooring is going to be an extremely noticeable feature in your new room.

Whether you have quite a complicated or vibrant colour scheme, or are simply looking to stick with a simplistic, modern design, we’d recommend choosing a flooring option that sticks to one colour that you’ve already featured in the colour scheme. Flooring can tie up any loose ends that you may have colour scheme wise, so try and choose a colour similar to your accent colour if you have one.

It’s also important to invest in a durable flooring option – your kitchen will be one of the busiest rooms in the house with regards to footfall, so make sure that you’re using a material that can withstand wear and tear for the foreseeable future!

It’s better to invest in a good quality floor than to constantly have to pay out for repair or replacement! Again, natural materials such as granite and wood are flooring materials that we would suggest – and they come with the added bonus of being pretty low maintenance, too while adding a natural shade into your colour scheme.

Finding the perfect colour scheme can be much easier than you think so if you feel like you could use some help from the experts here at Lakeland Kitchens, or need some inspiration, head over to our previous projects section of our website to see what we have already achieved or contact us directly today!