Interior Design Trends to Look Out for - 2017

The world of interior design is unpredictable and fast paced. Year by year we see huge changes in interior design trends as new styles begin to replace the old.

With 2017 bearing down on us, we here at Lakeland Kitchens decided to compile a guide on what interior designs could be popular in the New Year.

If you’re thinking about renovating your home next year, here are some of the trends and styles you might want to consider looking into.



This could be considered a blast from the past, but it would appear that cork could well be making a surge back into fashion in 2017.

Cork is a great sound absorber which is desperately needed due to the size of our ever-expanding open plan room sizes.

This material is also ideal when it comes to decorating your office, it’s anticipated that many will choose to have large sections of their home office decorated with cork as it can act as a great place to pin up important work or reminders on the walls.

To add to its appeal, it’s a relatively cheap material to work with and has a warming feel which would be ideal when winter hits.


A modern style that is sure to be in fashion in 2017, geometric décor put emphasis on utilising unusual shapes to add some character to tired or bland rooms.

You’ll be sure to find some form of geometric designs in any home department store in 2017, as many crave a modern design to their homes.

Geometric room designs can stand on their own or be paired with other styles.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your room you could add plenty of contrasting colours and textures to make your room stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking for a more subtle geometric style you can add subtle and elegant gold and silver textured furniture and textured items.


Technology has really taken over our lives in the past few years. In a bid to escape the screens for just a little while, don’t be surprised to see more nature inspired rooms in 2017.

Tropical leaf prints will be popular in the New Year as you have the freedom to be choose whether to be subtle or eccentric with the style you go for.

The tropical prints should be paired with tropical plants of varying sizes and shapes to ensure the room has an authentic jungle feel. Opt for marble or copper plant pots to give the room a modern touch.


These styles are great for injecting your rooms with a feel of the outdoors. Avoid using this style in rooms where technology will be based so you can use this room to escape the 21st century technologies for just a little while.

Mixed Metals

It’s likely that mixed metals will be popular in 2017 after seeing the popularity of copper in the past few years.

Pairing up different metals throughout the rooms in your house can give a modern and elegant feel to the room.

This type of style is perfect for your bedroom or kitchen, and allows plenty of freedom in how you want to decorate the room.

Using several types of metal alongside some geometric styles will give an ultra-modern feel to any room in your home.

If you’d like some expert advice on how to find the perfect style for your new kitchen in the New Year, feel free to get in touch with us here at Lakeland Kitchens One of your experts will be on hand to get you on track to creating your dream home today!