How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Counter

As a homeowner, it’s natural that you would want to make your kitchen the perfect place for cooking and washing. But whilst designing your ideal room, you may struggle on choosing the right kitchen counter to help complete your faultless kitchen.  

Hopefully, with our tips, you’ll have no trouble choosing the perfect counter for your kitchen.


You want your kitchen counter to match your style of choice. Therefore, choose something that represents how you want your kitchen to look and feel. After all, the kitchen counter sets the overall tone of your kitchen.


We all have our favourite colours, so picking the colour of the kitchen counter should be easy. You should choose a colour that you’re comfortable with. Also, pick a colour that blends in well with the style of your kitchen. Remember everything must match well to create the ideal kitchen.

Surface Material

In terms of surface material, there’s lots of choice out there. The popular choices of surface material for a kitchen counter are; granite, stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood, marble, and concrete. Choose a material that will meet your needs as there’s pros and cons to each.

For example, wood is very resistant to bacteria and is easy to repair if damaged, however it can get easily stained and does not work well with water. Therefore, if you planning on doing a lot of washing up on your kitchen counter than choosing wood as your surface material is not ideal.


Depending on the material, some kitchen counters are more durable than others. Granite is the most durable out of all the natural materials and is also the most water resistant. If you need a kitchen counter that can endure water and bacteria for a long period, then granite might be the more suitable material for you.

Flexibility and Fitting

How flexible and easy to fit is the kitchen counter? Again, depending on the material, some kitchen counters will be more flexible than others. Some materials can be fitted by yourself and some will need the expertise of a specialist. Laminate is very flexible and can be easily fitted by a keen DIY enthusiast, however granite is very inflexible and will need a specialist to fit in the kitchen.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea on choosing the perfect kitchen counter for your kitchen. If you need a kitchen specialist to fit in a kitchen counter in the Lancaster area, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. And don't forget to check our space-saving ideas for your kitchen!